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April 16-26, 2005

My paternal grandfather, Charles Mandich (born Dragutin Mandic), was born and lived on the tiny Croatian island of Molat until he emigrated to the US in 1920 at age eight. My dad and I, 85 years later, returned to Molat to see where he came from. While in the Balkans we also visited Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia-Montenegro, and Slovenia, all former republics of Yugoslavia before its post-communist civil war of 1991-1995. On the way there, I stopped in Cincinnati.

Dubrovnik looks out across the Adriatic.

Dad behind our rental car, lining up a shot.

The Mandic Apartments, outside Split.

Split, as seen from its campanile.

Inside the campanile's nightmarish stairwell.

Mister Fish, in Split.

The ferry Krilo took us from Zadar to Molat.

A photo op at the ferry dock.

Molat's bell tower and Catholic church.

The house where my grandfather lived?

Molat's only store; a Yugo parked outside.

Public house on Molat's town square.

Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

An eerily bombed-out Mostar office building.

An eerily bombed-out Mostar apartment.

The Reds' Great American Ballpark.

Downtown Cincinnati.

The Ohio River and Covington, Kentucky.

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