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West Coast Road Trip
May 6-15, 2005

Eliza and I took turns driving her GTI from Seattle to Santa Cruz and back for ten days' worth of camping, Bigfoot stalking, National Parks, Major League Baseball and minor league roadside attractions -- we stopped at damn near every "World Famous" what-have-you.

Let's burn map. Going north to south, we have...

Coin-op Stratocycle at the B&I, Tacoma.

The pride of Winlock, WA.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.

House of Mystery on the Oregon Vortex.

Trees of Mystery; Klamath, California.

Redwood National Park, California.

Drive-Thru Tree; Myers Flat, CA.

Traveling circus; Garberville, CA.

Famous One-Log House; Piercy, CA.

Confusion Hill's Redwood Shoe; Piercy, CA.

Camera Obscura, San Francisco.

SBC Park, San Francisco.

Goose pen at Big Basin State Park, CA.

Bigfoot Discovery Museum; Felton, CA.

End of the line: on the beach in Santa Cruz.

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