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East Coast Trip
July 15-24, 2004

Check out these pictures from my big summer vacation, and at the bottom, some bonus snaps from my April 27-29, 2004 trip to Arizona.


Downtown as seen from Coors Field.

Coors Field during a two-hour rain delay.

Barry Bonds grounds out.


Cheryl and Richard at their wedding
reception dinner.

Linda, me, Mom, Owen, Cheryl, Athena,
and Dad.

I stayed at the Americana Motel, across
the Potomac in Arlington, Virginia.


Behind the batter's circle at Fenway Park.

Exterior of Fenway's Green Monster.

Inside the Green Monster's scoreboard.

New York City

The subways are baited with rodenticide.

Pop Diner and Pan-Am Hotel in Queens.

The Unisphere from the '64 World's Fair.

From the upper deck of Shea Stadium.

Mr. Met poses with fans.

Mr. Met says no smoking.

From the press box at Yankee Stadium.

Yankee Stadium from behind home plate.

The Yankees take on the Blue Jays.

Times Square - note the trash can.

Biff Henderson takes a smoke break.

The Letterman show marquee on Broadway.


Citizens Bank Park in South Philly.

The Phillie Phanatic terrorizes downtown.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs tear it up.


Edgar Allan Poe's grave.

The National Museum of Dentistry.

Bromo Selzer Tower.

Concourse of Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Vittles from Boog's Barbecue.

From Oriole Park's upper deck.


Bank One Ballpark, Phoenix.

Gila Bend.

Linda and I in the dunes.

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