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Bigfoot is Real, Part 4
A Bigfoot Menagerie

Here's my collection of Bigfoot figures, most of which I scored on eBay over the last few years. There are a few more that I own but haven't photographed yet, and many more that I have yet to obtain, and a few that I probably will never get my mitts on (both the Beastie Boys and the Six Million Dollar Man figures are way too expensive). But there's still no copyright on Bigfoot, hence the choice, ongoing variety.

Please don't feed the animals.

Name: Bigfoot
Manufacturer: Banthrico
Year: 1970s
Notes: A plastic coin bank issued by Pacific Bank in the shape of their mascot (even though he's white, he was named Bigfoot). He's got a coin slot on his head, a plastic stopper on his bottom, and a dapper umbrella on his arm.

Name: Big Foot
Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
Year: 1977
Notes: A prop from "Big Foot: The Giant Snow Monster Game." The goal is to amass gold in Alaska while avoiding Bigfoot. The figure is whitish on top (a dusting of snow?), and his feet stomp out little "footprint" discs around the gameboard. Made in U.S.A.

Name: Bigfoot
Manufacturer: Waddingtons (UK)
Year: 1987
Notes: A prop from "The Bigfoot Game." The goal is to "race to the mountain top and be first to befriend Bigfoot." Unfortunately, the rods sticking out Bigfoot's side are so he can pivot on his "tree stump base," allowing him to "kick" little plastic boulders at you.

Name: Harry
Manufacturer: Just Toys
Year: 1991
Notes: A plastic bendie from the movie Harry and the Hendersons, copyright Universal Consumer Products/Amblin. Made in China.

Name: Bigfoot
Manufacturer: Shadowbox Collectibles
Year: 1994
Notes: Heavy, comes with a little scroll with a few paragraphs about Bigfoot. Made in China.

Name: Squatch
Manufacturer: unknown
Year: 2000s
Notes: More of a plush doll than an action figure, with removable jersey and trunks. Bought at the defunct Sonics team store. Can't find a manufacturer's tag in all his hair.

Name: Sasquatch
Manufacturer: Rocketworld
Year: 2000s
Notes: Has some felty fuzz covering his vinyl skin; accessorized with a chainsaw. Mine is stamped #437.

Name: Bigfoot
Manufacturer: Mezco
Year: 2003
Notes: Comes with a little "plaster cast" of his footprint, loincloth. Made in China.

Name: The Bionic Sasquatch
Manufacturer: Tyke Witnes
Year: 2003
Notes: This "Digital Manbeast" has fangs, orange eyes, and exposed bits of bionic circuitry here and there.

Name: Bigfoot
Manufacturer: Strangeco
Year: 2004
Notes: Designed by a San Francisco artist (also named Bigfoot). I'll happily trade my green one to anybody for a brown one (it also comes in a black/silver model).

Name: Bigfoot
Manufacturer: Accoutrements
Year: 2004
Notes: This one's always on eBay, and comes with a stamp pad to make ink footprints.

Name: Sasquatch
Manufacturer: Toy Biz
Year: 2005
Notes: Based on the Alpha Flight comic book character; has a zillion points of articulation; loincloth.

Name: Big-Foot
Manufacturer: me
Year: 2006
Notes: This "Big-Foot Paper Doll" by New Zealand designer Paul Shih may be printed out here... BIG-FOOT EXIST!

Name: Bigfoot
Manufacturer: unknown
Year: 2007
Notes: Picked up in Spokane Falls Community College bookstore. Has the SCC logo stitched onto the sole of the left foot with blue thread.

Name: Gary the Monster/Bigfoot
Manufacturer: McFarlane
Year: 2000
Notes: This horned, cloven character is called "Gary the Monster" in Little Nicky's closing credits, but is referred to as "Bigfoot" in the film's script.

Name: Bag "O" Squatch
Manufacturer: Kenny Lee
Year: 2007
Notes: On the feet it says "#6 of 100 December 2007 Made by Kenny Lee," along with some cryptic Chinese character. Has a metal loop at base of his neck for hanging on an Xmas tree.

Name: Quatchi
Manufacturer: Northern Gifts
Year: 2007
Notes: As one of three mascots for Vancouver's 2010 Winter Olympics, Quatchi is far and away the best Bigfoot ever.

Name: Sasquatch
Manufacturer: Jack Link's Beef Jerky
Year: 2007
Notes: A creepy Bigfoot bobblehead striking a Heisman, part of the Wisconsin jerky manufacturer's multimedia "Messin' with Sasquatch" campaign.

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